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BBNaija Reunion: Mercy and Omashola in epic battle

Episode 6 of of the BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion show, can be said as the most intriguing till date.

BBNaija Reunion: Mercy and Omashola in epic battle %Post Title

Many fans had complained about how boring the show had been up till last night. Omashola and Mercy clashed over him slut shamming her.

They argued, cursed, someone got shoved, then reconciled like nothing happened. Isn’t that what fans signed up for?

Social distancing guidelines were thrown under the bus, as Mercy Eke and Omashola, trashed out a derogatory remark he made while the pair were in Big Brother’s house.

Can you still recall the infamous bathroom fight which lead Omashola to slut shaming the Queen of highlights?

Well if you did, Mercy obviously didn’t and she had been waiting for Omashola to ‘man up.’

The comments brought back a volcano of emotions from Mercy who shoved her offender in the heat of the argument.

With Seyi and Frodd keeping the cool, Ebuka passed on the baton of restoring peace and order to former housemate, Avala.

She did well, as Avala demanded that Omashola tenders an apology….which he did.

Avala literally called the spades on Omashola while demanding that he tenders a heartfelt apology.

Omashola moved seats and gave a heartfelt apology to Mercy who returned the show of truce with an apology for physically assaulting him.

The show ended with Omashola pleading with Mercy’s fans to stop trolling him. Mercineries they are called.   

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