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Dotun emerges new Head of House

Dotun emerges new Head of House %Post Title

Dotun has won the Head of House (HoH) challenge for this week.

The challenge took place in two rounds with the first round involving the housemates moving marbles from a bowl to plastic saucers on another end of the arena.

While the second round involved the housemates throwing darts at a dart board which had balloons on it. Each balloon popped and had a secret message in it that marked the winner.

The first game happened in two rounds with the male housemates going first. At the end of the round involving the male housemates, Adekunle ended up with 19 marbles in his saucer while Dotun had 11 marbles.

This meant they were the top 2 housemates from the male round. In the female category, Chichi had a total of 9 marbles in her saucer, while Phyna had 32 marbles. This made all four qualify for the next round of the challenge.

The top 2 female and male HMs took part in the second round of the challenge which involved them throwing darts at balloons in a bid to unveil a secret message that confirms Dotun as HoH.

After several rounds of dart throwing, Dotun emerged as the winner of the HoH Challenge as he eventually burst a balloon that contained the message confirming the HoH for the week.

Dotun was announced the winner of the HoH Challenge by Biggie and told he got immunity from possible Eviction this week.

Dotun chose Daniella as his guest in the HoH Room but Biggie announced she will not enjoy the privilege of immunity.

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