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FFK: The Stomach Infrastructure Ambassador!

FFK: The Stomach Infrastructure Ambassador!









Politics without principle, a former Indian anti-colonial nationalist, Mahatma Gandhi, once described as a deadly sin. He though listed six other human misdemeanors in that category, the lawyer and political ethicist, however, featured this last, denoting the importance he placed on it.

Those, who appeared stunned about the often poor choices of a former Minister of Aviation, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, are probably naive about their political environment or expected too much from a man, who is deficit in character and principles.

FFK, as he is otherwise called being the initials of his name combined, has never been better than his choices, which of course, have always reflected in his being. His game is constant and only survives the political space through sheer rabble-rousing.

One of the few people, who know him very well is former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who said at a time that once you put food on his table, he automatically becomes the puppet of that provider.

Obasanjo was not oblivious of the impression FFK had of him before he became president and that nonetheless, he still offered him appointment, because he knew only him could run the kinds of errands he needed him for, as long as the offer could pick his bills, even if not all.

Who could have thought that FFK and President Muhammadu Buhari would ever share space despite all that he had said about him? Well, many other people knew it was all in the bid to secure the attention of the president and finally, he got it.

His jaundiced patriotism has always been about survival – nothing but cheap stomach infrastructure. He is loyal to no one or anything but his stomach. Rely on FFK only at your peril. His watch words are, “money for hand, back for ground”. That’s all. Worry about anything else, not FFK. For him, life goes on regardless. Shame is not a factor, for as long as his account balances smile.  (Thisday)


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