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Basketmouth Has An Uncontrollable Superiority Complex — AY

Basketmouth Has An Uncontrollable Superiority Complex — AY

Ace Nigerian humour merchant, Ayo Makun fondly known as AY, has broken his silence about a perceived rift between himself and his colleague, Basketmouth.  

While replying to a question and answer session on his verified Instagram account, the funnyman noted that he has no issues with his colleague Basketmouth. 

But he informed his fans that Basketmouth has ‘an uncontrollable superiority complex’.

AY who recently welcomed a bundle of joy in his family said he had to avoid Basketmouth’s “incessant childishness”, as such became necessary for his sanity, 

Replying to a fan who asked if he had any issues with his colleague, Basketmouth, the rib cracker turned filmmaker said, “I don’t have issues with him. But people having unnecessary issues with you is the price you sometimes pay for being progressive.

“He has been battling with his uncontrollable SUPERIORITY COMPLEX for the longest. So avoiding his incessant childish.”(sic)

Another fan asked again, “In other words, the both of you don’t talk?”

“We only talk to those who want to talk to us. Does this make sense?” the comedian simply replied. 

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