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BBNaija: Like Tacha, like Cee-C

BBNaija: Like Tacha, like Cee-C %Post Title






With Big Brother Naija 2019 edition ending today, ADEYINKA AKINTUNDE takes a look at two controversial housemates lovers of the show cannot forget in a hurry.

Cynthia Nwadiora and Natasha Akide will remain in the memories of fans of Big Brother Naija for a very long time. It is safe to call these two ladies definitions of their respective seasons, even though neither walked away with the ultimate prize.

These ladies brought on board all the drama, suspense and controversies Big Brother fans probably subscribed to – it would have been one long bore if those two were not in the house. The difference however is that while one of them got to the final, the other got her dream cut short by a sudden disqualification.

It will be difficult to forget the fight in the 2019 “Pepper Dem” edition, between Natasha, popularly called Tacha, and Mercy Eke, simply Mercy, which took place on Friday, September 27, 2019.

That fight has since been dubbed ‘the dirtiest fight in the history of Big Brother Naija.’ It was replete with both housemates spewing hurtful words at each other, pulling at each other’s hair, pushing and exhibiting unprecedented violence on the show. But for the intervention of other housemates, they most likely would have inflicted physical injuries on each other.

Tacha said to Mercy “You can fool yourself, but you cannot fool the world watching, they know you need someone to clout chase. I do not need anyone to clout chase. I am not a virgin; I will not say what I am not.

“I am Natacha, I am me, I am bold, I am black, I am beautiful. I don’t tell lies. I am not fake like you.  You are an ambassador of black knuckles.”

Big Brother, addressing the issue later in the evening, said “Tacha! Big Brother finds you guilty of breaking the house rules of physical violence and of intent to harm, the moment you shoved Mercy, and the moment you pulled her hair on two separate occasions.  Such physical violence has no place in Big Brother’s house.

“You are hereby automatically disqualified from the Big Brother House. You must leave the house immediately.”

He went on to issue Mercy with two strikes, warning that “One more strike, and you will be disqualified from the house.”

Apologising to her fans on Instagram, 23-year old Tacha, who calls herself, “Port Harcourt first daughter,” said “……..Coming out of the Big Brother House disqualified was never my intention. Unfortunately, my weakness played against my strength and cut short what should have been a grand ending, with or without the prize.

“I sincerely apologise for every action on my part that led to this point and I take full responsibility for it all. I am an adult and ought to be in control of my emotions, but I am human and I failed time and again. Please, forgive me.”

As for Cynthia, widely referred to as Cee-C, housemate of the 2018 “Double Wahala” season, there are also many talking points. Like Tacha, she was at the centre of the worst fight of the season with another female housemate, Alex Asogwu. No one can tell specifically the cause of the fight, but during the verbal exchange, Cee-C told Alex that she was way below her. She also reminded her that she was yet to finish school, and advised her to learn from people higher than her.

Rounding up the season, 26-year old Cee-C got into another scuffle with her former romantic partner, Tobi Bakre, on which occasion she hurled insults at him. She glided past him and called him “a useless man, miserable fool, and a fuck boy.” She also called him “a man who cannot stand on his own.”

In her words, “Tell me about your likeness that is supposed to shake me. When you become a man, come and we can talk. Shut up and stop gossiping.

“Respect yourself. When we go outside, you will cry, idiot. You are proud to have all these girlfriends. Your bitterness is obvious. You didn’t want me to be head of house. I told you I cried for you and you believed? Stupid boy.”

Reacting later on, Big Brother removed the head of house title from Cee-C, and issued her a strike.

This is just a few of the many fights the ladies got involved in, in their different editions, not forgetting the quarrel with their “love partners” in the house – Cee-C scuffling with Tobi Bakre, and Tacha quarrelling with Seyi Awolowo.

Arguments have continued to trail who brought more fire to the house between these two in their different seasons. A point to remember is also that both ladies received two strikes during their stay, and both got pardoned later on, with Cee-C getting another strike following her brawl with Tobi, and Tacha getting disqualified just ten days to the end of the show.  (The Nation)

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