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Child Custody: Why I’m denying you access, OAP Dotun’s estranged wife replies

Child Custody: Why I’m denying you access, OAP Dotun’s estranged wife replies %Post Title

Media personality, Dotun’s estranged wife, Taiwo Oyebanjo, has responded to his allegation of her denying him access to their daughters.

Dotun on his Instagram page alleged that he does not have access to his children and every attempt to make that happen is being thwarted. He further accused singer D’banj, who is an elder brother to the wife, of being the brain behind it.

But in a response, at the weekend, Taiwo accused Dotun of being pretentious as, according to her, he knows where the children are. She said he was trying to attract sympathy and urged him to leave D’banj alone and direct his anger at just her.

She wrote, “For eight years, I tolerated your s£xual, emotional, and psychological abuse. I can never recover from the trauma and pain you caused me.

“How did you expect me to raise the girls in that environment?”

“This is not Dapo’s battle; leave him out. All he did was help and cover your shame as you couldn’t keep up with your responsibilities, and you are here fighting Dbanj.

“Dapo paid several rents, so we did not live on the streets.

“I started working for Mohits fresh out of college after working at Deloitte before I met you, and you are lying to your social media family that my mum made me quit my job.

“You encouraged me to keep working for Mohits for our benefit so we did not have to beg. I was abused for several years and ran for my life; this has nothing to do with Dapo.

“Every decision I made was to protect the girls from you.”

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