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Compensate easterners over destroyed properties – UK Igbos tells Sanwo-Olu

Compensate easterners over destroyed properties - UK Igbos tells Sanwo-Olu %Post Title

Igbo Leadership in the United Kingdom and Ireland has urged the Lagos State Government to compensate Igbo people in the state whose properties have been destroyed.

It also appealed to the Federal Government to be fair and considerate in dealing with Igbo residents in the state.

Making this appeal was the Eze Okwuchukwu  Nwosu, Eze Isiobi Ndigbo 1 UK and Ireland, in an open letter. He said that the Igbos in Nigeria have not been getting a fair treatment since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914.

He said:  “Ndigbo legitimately bought empty lands and swampy areas in Lagos, and built their houses and other investments. They destroyed property of Ndigbo at Ladipo, Balogun, Alaba, Trade Fair, etc. They never destroyed the Igbo property in past administrations. This oppressive measure is being used against Igbos in Lagos with no justification.

“Nigerians agreed that it should be the turn of the Igbo through rotational presidency. But PDP and APC never allowed it. Peter Obi emerged against all odds in the 2023 general elections. INEC ensured that votes did not count.

“Two things must happen: to take Ndigbo as partners in decision-making of government in Nigeria or let us go. Ndigbo want one Nigeria. We are law-abiding. Allow us to do our trading because that is the only thing we can do since we are not allowed to preside over the affairs of this country.

“If you want Ndigbo to leave Lagos, let Federal  Government peacefully quantify Igbo property in Lagos and settle the owners. Stop using the federal might to fight Ndigbo.

“There should be immediate compensation for Igbo property already destroyed. Let every Igbo man submit all their investments in Lagos, and get compensated so they can return to Alaigbo peacefully.

“It is our plea. Our investments across the federation can never be in vain. This is the last cry, or Igbo people will defend themselves again. We have seen the war; we lost almost five million people.”

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