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Kano Bans Hooliganism, Cross-Dressing In Films

Kano Bans Hooliganism, Cross-Dressing In Films %Post Title

The Kano State Government has imposed a ban on films that depict hoodlums and cross-dressing, following concerns raised by the public about certain films promoting deviant behaviour among youths in the state.

The Executive Secretary of the Kano State Censorship Board, Abba El-Mustapha, announced the ban yesterday during a briefing with journalists after a meeting between the board’s management and various stakeholders from the Kannywood industry.

The meeting was aimed at curbing the production of films likely to encourage criminal activities and deviant behaviours among young people.

El-Mustapha urged the public to report any films or publications that violate the law to the censorship board.

A one-month deadline has been set for all productions containing content related to hooliganism and transvestites to comply with the ban.

This move, he said, reflects the government’s efforts to regulate the content of films and ensure they align with societal

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