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Lady discovers her lover of 7 years is married

A South African lady @Makathani1, just stumbled upon a shocking revelation which she shared with her twitter followers and it is about her  lover  of 7 years.

Lady discovers her lover of 7 years is married

According to the lady, she just discovered that her lover of 7 years who she established businesses with and also have a beautiful child for, is married. @Makathani1 in her tweets disclosed that she got to know about the secret which her man successfully hid from, after her wife called this morning.

Her tweet reads;

I’ve been dating a man for 7 years we started a bussinesss together we have a beautiful child and right now I just found out his married. If how he managed to hid this to for so long I don’t know…but the pain that I’m feeling ryt now I cannot explain it you guys


Lady discovers her lover of 7 years is married

A follower @thedreamcarver who weighed in on the disclosure also dropped this advice;

Let me drop this here.. Your partner’s phone is also your property. There’s nothing like invasion of privacy. You see each other naked but you can’t check your phones? If you’re dating someone and you don’t have access to their phone, then you might be in for a big surprise.

You do know we’re talking about people’s spouse here. A relationship is about transparency and privacy only applies when someone is so hurt or tired & needs personal space. Any body that keeps a phone in their car has something to hide. Your 2nd phone should be with you always.

However another follower @Lerato_Mathato, who reacted to the tweets, tweeted;

People have two phones and keep the spare in the car , Privacy has nothing to do with honesty

We are talking about a man who lied and hid his marital status here , it’s dishonesty, got nothing to do with privacy

That’s the thing , your partner should respect and love you enough to be honest with you , and them let you decide what you do after the knowing the truth, And by the way messages and etc can be deleted , stop being gullible. That man lied to that poor woman for 7 years

Lady discovers her lover of 7 years is marriedLady discovers her lover of 7 years is married

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