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#BBNaija: I didn’t have sex with Daniella – Khalid

#BBNaija: I didn’t have sex with Daniella – Khalid %Post Title

Ex-Bbnaija season 7 contestant Khalid has said nothing happened under the sheets between him and Daniella.

The lovebirds – Khalid and Daniella, were captured on camera being intimate under the duvet.

In a post-BBNaija interview with Mizvick on GoTv’s unlocked, the 22-year-old ex-housemate, after seeing a video of him and Daniella romping under the sheets, denied having sex in Biggie’s house.

He said, “Obviously, the rumours are that I did it, but nothing happened, and we had our clothes on.

If you played it to the end, you would see that I came out with my clothes, Although I don’t think I am a snappy dresser. So yeah, I didn’t have sex with Daniella; it was just aggressive kissing, and that was it.”

During the interview, when asked if what he had with Daniella was love, he said, “I mean, it was three weeks, but yeah.”

While speaking with the hostess, he disclosed that Ilebaye was the first person he was attracted to in the house.

He stated that his relationship with Daniella was unplanned.

“Daniella was unexpected, if you ask me. To be honest, I don’t even know what happened; it was just, we were here, then we were there.”

Speaking further, the lover boy revealed that what attracted him to Daniella was her mind.

He said: “I think it was her mind; honestly, she helped me discover certain things about myself, and when we had conversations, they were deep.”

When asked if there was a possibility of their relationship outside the house, he replied, “Definitely, we’ve talked about that; on my part, I’ve made it clear that I want to continue outside, and she said the same.”

He said he would not blame her if she moved with someone else while he was out of the house.

Gen-Z vibes, Ilebaye, also present at the interview, disclosed that the person she felt the most connected to in the house apart from Kess and Khalid was Beauty.

Speaking on her issues with Beauty, she said Beauty felt insecure about her.

“I felt that she didn’t trust me and thought I was going to steal her man. She thought he liked me, she felt so insecure, even the night the incident happened of her removing my cap, norms yeah, she’s my friend so even if she’s upset, I’d have to be there for her.

“So, I never knew that she had me in mind. Even her coming to apologise, I was like you don’t trust me, you called me fake, you said different kinds of stuff, and we can’t just be friends.”

She explained further that Beauty did not trust her because of Groovy and also because she associated with people that didn’t like her (Beauty).

Ilebaye said: “I felt because of the Groovy stuff and she felt like I always talk about her in the house cos’ she sees me with people that maybe say stuff about her, like the night she said, I, Christy O and Amaka were seated, so she felt like we were talking about her.”

She also explained that her ruffle with Kess was due to her being tipsy, and she sees him as a big brother.

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