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I have a daughter, says Eloswag

I have a daughter, says Eloswag %Post Title

Big Brother Naija housemate, Eloswag, has revealed that he has a daughter.

Eloswag revealed this to Head of House, Chomzy, while sharing his life story with her in the HoH room.

Expressing her surprise at the story, Chomzy said ” if this turns out to be a lie, I will never believe anything you say again.”

Replying to Chomzy, he said the story is true. He said the name of the child’s mother is Ose. According to Eloswag, he had the child at the age of 26.

For now, it is not clear if Eloswag is actually telling the truth, as this could be a strategy.

He had expressed his affection towards Chomzy, but Chomzy declined his advances. Chomzy shoot her shot at Deji who also declined.

After winning the HoH game on Monday, Chomzy was mandated to choose a deputy from the opposite gender. To the surprise of many, she chose Eloswag.

They currently share the HoH room as head of house and deputy.

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